New to website software? This guide should help

If you're new to the world of internet software then this short guide is intended to get you up to speed. Website software is software that runs on your website rather than your desktop. You upload this software to your web hosting account along with your html files and graphics files. These software packages can range from very simple, such as HTML form to email scripts and tellafriend scripts to very powerful such as search engine software or affiliate software. We provide a range of website software products to give your website the edge over the competition, providing more traffic, or increasing revenues. Please use the links on the left of this page to see what each of our products can do for you. First you may want to read through the table below to get an understanding of the terms used:-


Common Gateway Interface software is the standard for internet applications such as affiliate programs and search engines. It's simplest to think of a ".cgi" file as a special kind of ".exe" file. CGI software can be programmed in a number of languages, the most popular of which is Perl.
Perl is a programming language commonly used in CGI software. Perl applications are commonly referred to as scripts. So a Perl script is a Perl application. The majority of webspace providers support Perl scripts. If you are unsure whether your ISP supports Perl scripts then review their documentation or contact them regarding this matter.
A Script, referred to as a CGI script or a Perl script, is an website application intended for use over the internet.
This is an operating system used on many internet servers. All of our software is programmed for Unix servers. Most of our software is also available on NT servers. If you have a Unix server with Perl installed then you will be able to use all of our software. If you have an NT server with perl installed then you will be able to use most of our software.
Internet Service Provider's range from who you connect to the Internet through to who is hosting your website. The ISP that hosts your website will be running an operating system on their servers. This is usually Unix or NT.
The LWP Perl module is required for some of our scripts. It allows our programs to perform special tasks giving more functionality. Most ISP's that have Perl installed will have this module already installed. If your ISP does not have this module installed then they will install it for you upon request.

Now that you have read through the terms above you will hopefully have a better understanding of Internet software, and be able to choose the correct software products for you.

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